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A Few Testimonials

Vina (AKA Harmony), is doing SOOOOO well. Incredible with my girls, takes to training incredibly, and has an overall sweet and mellow demeanor. We couldn't be happier with her. Incredible genetics.

Ken from Washington

We are calling Sunshine Macy, and she is doing great!! She did really well on the trip home, no problem at all!! She has settled in with our 6 year old retriever really well. She is so sweet and certainly gets a lot of attention. My kids were so surprised and are still in shock. They already love her so much.

Carolyn from Montana

Just wanted to send a quick update about our sweet pup Juniper! We love her so much (and she loves almost everyone we meet, always insisting on belly rubs :)  During the first couple months it was impossible to take her anywhere without a dozen people wanting to pet her, all commenting on her extreme cuteness. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Chris from Washington

Thanks for producing such beautiful and sweet puppies! It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family. Please thank everyone on our behalf for giving our girls such a beloved and cared-for start in life.

Sheri from Kansas

We have had Quincy at our house this past weekend bc Jared was visiting! What a wonderful dog!! He is so sweet, affectionate and so easy to train!! We love him!! And so does Jared!! How often do you breed your dogs? I have always wanted a 2nd dog and would love a smaller female version of Quincy!! I already miss him so much and they only left a few hours ago!

Nancy from California

We can’t express how grateful we are for this wonderful amazing puppy.  She has been great!  She is so smart and learning really fast.  She just loves to be with us and we in turn give her lots of kisses and belly rubs.  She is so gentle and calm.  Anytime we go someplace with her, people are amazed and can’t believe what a good dog she is. 

She really has made our lives so much better in this short time that we have spent with her.  You all have a natural gift with animals and I am so thankful that you all have trusted us with her.  

Eric from Wisconsin

Hope all is well in your world. It was wonderful meeting you and (part of) your dear Family. Margot had a great trip to her new home. She’s settling in nicely and stopping traffic everywhere she goes. She’s even the new face of our veterinarian’s latest ad. We love her dearly! Thank you ever so much! If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, give us a shout. And undoubtedly, we’ll keep tabs on your pups and their litters. Margot may need a sibling soon.

May God Bless you and Keep you. Please give the Family our best..

Amy from Nevada

Just wanted to show you how big George has gotten.  He really is sweet. We love him to pieces! Kirt fenced off the whole back yard, so he can roam free. Hope all is well...thanks again for doing an amazing job with the pups (and to the girls!). 

Betsy from Oregon

I got one of your puppies almost two years ago. We LOVE Bear so SO MUCH and he has grown so big and he is the BEST dog we have ever had! He is so SO Smart and I can teach him just about anything. He loves to learn new things to do and he does the tricks with or without a treat. His favorite thing is to be cuddled and his favorite game is "search" where he searches for a treat I hid in the house. He is just the Best! So many of my friends and family love him too!

Brittany from Oregon

Gracie stays right at my feet all the time and has walked all over the ranch staying right with me. She is just what I needed!!! I have to tell you I was so impressed with the whole litter and you can tell your children have done a wonderful job raising them. Thank you for letting us enjoy these wonderful puppies. We love them so much already! Gracie fits right in and our dogs love her!  Thank you again!!!!

Deja from California

Hello!  I just wanted to check in to tell you how great Wilhelmena “Willie” is doing all the way in Maryland!  She is already bringing us so much joy every day!  She is funny, sassy and smart. We couldn’t be more thrilled.  

Virginia from Maryland

The trip home to Minnesota was long but uneventful.  Sadie slept for the whole flight, on both planes.  She attracted attention from everyone, young children to elderly.  Teenage girls took pictures of her, and so did a couple of guys.  She was calm and gentle the entire trip, despite the stress of the unfamiliar surroundings.   Upon landing in Minneapolis, there were several people that commented that they were surprised to see a puppy on board, as they hadn’t heard a peep out of her. Thank you so much for breeding wonderful puppies like Sadie.  I appreciate so much you dedication to this most wonderful of dog breeds. 

Glenda from Minnesota

We just wanted to send you some pictures of Gloria and let you know she is adjusting to her new life.  She is such a good girl and has taken to crate training and her new brothers well.  Thanks again for everything!

Ps... She was such a star they let her stay out of her bag the whole trip home on the plane! 

Heather from Illinois

I just wanted to thank you again for meeting us this last weekend and allowing us the opportunity to adopt one of your puppies! We absolutely adore him. He's responding really well to crate training, recalls, and learning his new name!  Again, it was a pleasure meeting you, you have a beautiful family!! We will absolutely stay in touch.  

Jenny from Idaho

We just wanted to send you a pic of Theo (aka Jake) to you. He is getting so big and loving training. In fact, the trainer is going to use him for her tutorials on their website, because he is so smart!! We are working towards certifying him to be a therapy dog who can go into hospitals to cheer sick children and people up. :) He’s the best dog ever. Thank you

Katie from Oregon

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful wonderful Family member George is. He is everything you said he would be, loyal, calm, protective,  absolutely wonderful with other animals and people, once he has decided they are good people and not threatening, and extremely loving.  I cannot imagine life without him.  Thank you for George!

Patty from Washington

Remy is great and is now called Cruz, my daughter chose it and I think it fits him very well. He is a beautiful boy and quiet and very attached already to my daughter which is what I really hoped for - being 15 is hard and I really feel a dog can be the best counselor!  He is also adjusting to the 5 other dogs and 8 cats, 2 horses, 2 mini horses and 2 mini donkeys!  Lots of things to adjust to and he is doing well.  Thank you for a great pup!

Rachel from Oregon

Blaze was superb on the flights home... I had rows by myself and he just curled up on my lap and never made a peep.  He is adjusting well and my kiddos absolutely love him...  Thanks for all of your help and Merry Christmas to you and your family !

Todd from Oklahoma

Our Golden Pyrenees is doing great. We changed his name from Bruce to Murdoch. Yes, we watch and enjoy the Canadian TV show Murdoch. My wife’s ancestors were Scottish and she found out that Murdoch means mariner in ancient Scottish. We felt that would be a good name for a dog living on the coast.  He is everything we expected and more. Murdoch is a hit with our neighbors and friends.They are impressed by how mellow he is around them. Murdoch loves the beach.

Tom from Oregon


The breed makes a wonderful family dog, truly the best of both breeds (a family dog that will fetch, swim and guard). They bark less than a Pyrenees and are more protective than a Retriever.  They are calmer than a Retriever puppy which seems to make them more open to early training. They love their family and get along great with other dogs in a household and do well inside and out.

As we don't "ship" our puppies, people have been flying in or driving to pick up their puppy from Montana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, California, Louisiana, Canada and Germany. A lady is planning on flying in from New Zealand to pick up a puppy!

Recently a Hollywood producer chose a puppy and the quarterback formerly with the LA Rams picked "Quincy".  An NHL hockey player is hoping to get a puppy from a future litter.

The development of the breed is our eldest daughters project.   The puppies are run through Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises beginning on day 3.  Outside of the ENS, they are raised around our other dogs, cats, sheep, goats, llamas, horses and most importantly around children.  You will not find a better socialized puppy.

GPA Registered Golden Pyrenees have exactly 50% AKC Golden Retriever and 50% Great Pyrenees in their pedigree.  For first generation Golden Pyrenees, both parents are AKC dogs (essentially an F1 Hybrid).  All other generations (F2 - Fx) are Purebred (Golden Pyrenees / Golden Pyrenees), but still 50/50 AKC Retriever/Pyrenees in their genetic makeup. For second generation all 4 grandparents are AKC dogs, for third generation all 8 great grandparents are AKC dogs, etc.. Golden Pyrenees as a distinct breed are not currently recognized by the AKC (as Golden Retrievers - 1925 and Great Pyrenees - 1933 once were not), but we are moving towards that goal. The GPA International Registry has been established to diligently record and assist in the development of the Golden Pyrenees breed.